4 Lifestyle tips to Improve Sleep

Man sleepingSleeping is essential to producing productive every day activities. Our energy is expended when we are out and about every day, and it is recovered when we sleep. It is a recurring cycle that is very important to keep running smoothly.

Millions of Americans have trouble with sleep. Sleep apnea and insomnia are very common to find, and some go uncured for weeks, months and even years. This is why we need to find as many things as possible to combat these problems we run into day in and day out. Here are some ways we can get a better nights sleep from our every day actions.

 1.) Stay Physically Active Every Day:

activeWhenever someone’s body is physically being pushed and trained, it expends way more energy in that day than it would if it went through the day normally. When you hop into bed at night, it is essential to make sure that you expended all of your energy in a positive fashion throughout the whole day. Exercises is key in ensuring you will sleep well at night, and should be prioritized as one of your daily activities, especially if you are encountering problems sleeping.

2.) Cut caffeine and alcohol consumption:

no caffeineCaffeine and alcohol are a disturbance to regular sleep patterns. As these two drugs are very common and socially accepted, there are easily incorporated into our daily lives, but sometimes too often and in vast quantities. It’s important to keep a check on the drugs we ingest, but these especially since so many tend to ingest them. Make sure you are limiting your coffee and alcohol consumption daily. If you are used to 3 or 4 wine glasses a night, cut it down to 1 or 2. If you’re morning coffee regularly turns into 4 or 5 cups throughout the day, try drinking one every 4 or 5 hours instead. Your nights of sleep will improve as a result.

3.) Eat and drink sleep inducing foods and drinks:

drink milkSome foods just make us sleepier. One of the active ingredients that produces serotonin (biochemical that induces sleep) is tryptophan. So, it would make sense to eat foods that contain this chemical. Foods such as milk, whole grains, cottage cheese and poultry all contain this compound. Try eating thse foods later in the day to jumpstart the body’s resting process.

4.) Wind down by reading:

Frau beim Buch lesenRead any book that is semi boring in bed and eventually you will grow tired. Many today spend time of the computer, or watching TV before bed, but really nothing tires the mind like a challenging novel or book that can burn of that little bit of energy left from the day.

Sleep deprivation and other problems regarding sleep are tough to handle, and it takes time and effort to incorporate habits that will make a lasting change to your life. Although it may be slow at first, if you stick with healthy living, you will see improvement. Try these four things and your sleep should improve over time.

Why Should You Be Taking Those Multivitamins

multivitaminExperts recommend that all individuals can benefit from taking multi vitamins on a daily basis. These can help improve energy levels. Bridge some of the gaps left by nutritional deficiencies and aid in a healthier lifestyle. The following are some of the reasons why you should be taking a multivitamin.

Multivitamins Are Great For Physical Well Being

In a study carried out on 88000 individuals who took a multivitamin for 15 years and those who didn’t it was noticed that the group which took multivitamins had a lower risk of contracting colon cancer. Similarly a study conducted in Sweden emphasizes that those who take multivitamins can help reduce the chances of suffering a heart attack. With these research claims it can be assumed that multivitamins are necessary for general well being. On the other hand multivitamins can also help ward off chronic illnesses like osteoporosis and certain heart conditions.

Multivitamins Help Boost Energy Levels

People who feel lethargic can benefit from taking a multivitamin daily. This allows their body to overcome nutritional deficiencies like magnesium and zinc deficiency. People who lack adequate amounts of zinc suffer from depression and low libido too. These days most multivitamins are packed with nutrients like zinc and magnesium for added benefit.

Increased Brain Function

Vitamins are necessary for an improved brain function. These vitamins can act like antioxidants and provide the required energy to the brain to function at its very best. People can live a productive and meaningful life well into their 80s and 90s if they take multivitamins on a regular basis. It can help increase their cognitive abilities. Proper intake of vitamin E can help reduce the chances of contracting Alzheimer disease. It can stop the free radicals from damaging the neurons in the brain by acting as antioxidants.

Helps Increase Immunity Levels

There are certain vitamins which play a key role in increasing immunity levels. These include vitamins A and C which can help combat the harmful pathogens to which our body is susceptible. A healthy dose of vitamin C is known to stop the effects of cold and aid in early recovery. A healthy immune system means less illnesses and increased productivity.

Help Combat the Signs of Aging

Taking multivitamins can help people stay and look younger. Vitamins can help defy the signs of aging like sagging skin and a droopy chin or neck. Multivitamins can help a people stay fit and healthy. There is definitely more energy so individuals find themselves exercising more. In turn those who stay fit tend to look younger as well. Vitamin A is great for the skin and similarly vitamin E is great for hair and women’s post and pre-menopausal health too.

Though vitamins are in no way a substitute for healthy eating, they can help fill the nutritional gaps in our diet but that’s just about it. Starving yourself and taking multivitamins is definitely not the way to go. Vitamins can help stave off deficiencies and provide a bit of extra energy. They are however even more beneficial when paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle. BCAAs can also aid in muscle development.